Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maya Kukulkan God Is Coming In 2012

This is a great and coherent Mayan design we made for the year 2012 with the prophecy, ‘Kukulkan Is Coming’. If you’re a fan of our Maya culture and we believe you will be interested with the upcoming super-production movies directed by Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay after 2009. Hint: Buy our enigmatic t-shirt, available for men and women, and wear it when you go and watch these movies at a theater near you. They are limited edition. You can’t go wrong with our designs because we’re real Maya experts. The tees are available in our new 2012 Mayan Prophecy store at CafePress. Enjoy your original purchase and thanks for your support.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In your Wikipedia in English, the description of Kukulkan, our Maya Father, who sustained our culture for hundreds of years is limited to four lines, although in our Mexican schools there is plenty of historical literature which is taught to our children about the mythology of the god Kukulkan. We recommend you visit a public library to find more information about Kukulkan. As our Lord Pakal Ahau says, “Mythology is to society as dreams are to individuals”.

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